I am a Seattle-based artist with expertise in numerous creative fields, often focused on brand development, creative marketing, and mural painting.

Currently, I serve as Art Director for Nuun Hydration. In my free time, I manage web and design work on a volunteer basis for Urban Artworks.

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I moved to Seattle in 2015 and took a job as a designer at Weber Shandwick, a global communications agency, learning a ton while working on some amazing projects.

In 2017, my partner, pup, and I left town for an extended road trip, freelancing as we went and returning the next year. It was an amazing experience we’re forever grateful for.


In 2012, I co-founded Band, a Portland creative studio, with my friend Zach. Together we worked on a ton of great projects with and for a ton of really great people.

Art Design Portland

In 2011, I started volunteering at ADX, Portland’s premier makerspace, and fell in love with their DIY ethics and progressive presence in the creative community. In 2014, I accepted a role as creative director.

Get Wise Media

When I was 18, I started an online business selling art and designs to punk bands and their record labels.

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