I am a Seattle-based creative professional with expertise in a variety of disciplines, often focused on brand development, digital advertising, creative marketing, and mural painting.

Currently, I spend my 9-5 as a creative strategist and director for a variety of brands at Nestlé Health Science. In my free time, I manage web and design work on a volunteer basis for local youth arts nonprofit Urban Artworks, and work on fun brand identity development projects that come my way.

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In 2018, after taking some time to explore all of the great options that Seattle has to offer hungry creatives, I accepted a full time role as Art Director at Nuun Hydration. Prior to my hiring, Nuun had not had an art director, or any higher level creative leadership beyond the role.

During my tenure, I was promoted to Creative Director, more than doubled the size of my team, and overhauled the entirety of the Nuun brand identity. In 2021, after multiple years of 30%+ growth YoY, Nuun was aquired by Nestlé Health Science, a testament to our team’s hard work. I subsequently joined NHSc to help lead marketing on the entire portfolio of brands.

I moved to Seattle in 2015 and spent a year in the agency world, as well as working on some incredible freelance projects for some great folks in town and abroad.

In 2017, my partner, pup, and I left town for an extended road trip, freelancing as we went and returning the next year. It was an amazing experience we’re forever grateful for.

In 2012, I co-founded Band, a Portland design and branding studio, con mi amigo Zach with the hopes of cutting our teeth as a full-service creative agency. Five years, countless contract gigs, and a portfolio full of work later, I am incredibly proud of all of the projects we hustled and aced.

In 2011, I started volunteering at ADX, Portland’s premier Makerspace. I quickly fell in love with their DIY ethics and progressive presence in the creative community.

I began trading marketing, design, and web work for a shop membership until my contributions were so great that their team realized they needed my help full time. In 2013, I accepted a role as their first creative director.

Get Wise Media

When I was 17 in Southern California, I started a small online ‘business’ selling art and designs to punk bands and their record labels.
I called myself Get Wise Media, and the various shirt designs, album covers, fliers and more helped lay the groundwork for all the work I’d do in the future.

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