I currently serve as the creative director for Nature’s Bounty. Since onboarding last year, I have been collaboratively working to modernize the brand for a new era of success.

The ever-talented Accompany Creative partnered with us to create a gorgeous new vision for the brand that we have worked to bring to every aspect of our communications.

Together, we are incredibly excited about the future of this fifty year old supplement brand.

You are bountiful.

Your body is a brilliant machine.

Every day it’s hustling on your behalf.

Your heart beats.

Your skin breathes.

Your cells are reborn.

It’s in your nature to thrive.

Who you are today is already enough.

We’re just here to supplement you.

Oh, and before you go, don’t worry. I know all too well that the packaging and overall brand elements are, shall we say, lacking. We’re working on updating those too – check back in 6 months or so!

Thanks for looking.

Nature’s Bounty

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