I have been the creative director for Nuun since 2018.

Nuun is on a mission to empower more muuvment. We know that hydrated humans have the most fun, because anything (and we do mean anything) can happen after Nuun!

Nuun was acquired by Nestlé Health Science in 2021. Post-acquisition, I have integrated in as a senior creative strategist for all NHSc health supplement brands.

Since transitioning, I have led creative for Nuun through an extensive brand overhaul, new product launches, and growth of the digital media program.

Brand Identity

I led a team to help expand the definition of the Nuun brand identity.
Working together with insights and marketing teams, we rewrote our understanding of our target consumer and developed a robust consumer experience framework. We honed the articulation of our brand essence, and sharpened our mission, vision, and promise.

We overhauled the core visual identity of the brand, expanding our guidelines with comprehensive documentation.

We freshened up the core logomarks and developed a proprietary typeface and icon set.


With our core brand foundations overhauled, we started application by redesigning the packaging in-house, extending the aesthetic to numerous new product launches.

Asset Library

We grew our photo, video and 3D asset library, ensuring the turnkey production of marketing assets for years to come.

Awareness Media

Developed and produced by the ever-talented Humanaut, we’re here to remind you that anything can happen after Nuun.

Performance Media

Partnering with a variety of studios and in-house teams, we strengthened our conversion-centric creative, driving powerful ROAS in our DTC environment.

Organic Social

Nuun’s Organic Social is Best-in-Class, leveraging a healthy mix of fun content.
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Direct To Consumer

We overhauled our direct-to-consumer eCommerce site, improving both our shoppability and our engaging content.


Nuun’s CRM utilizes engaging, high-touch communications to keep direct marketing running strong with industry-leading performance.

This doesn’t truly scratch the surface of all the fun activations we’ve created across the Nuuniverse that is constantly expanding.

Check us out at nuunlife.com, and happy hydrating!


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