This Is My Portland is an ongoing photo series of my life in this town. This is the May 2014 installment.

This is my elusive pal Jordan, who is one of my best friends.

A black grill, dog, shorts, sleeves and hombre.


Kivett resting between some tulips. Check out his music by clicking the photo.



Lioncat. Apparently he had dreadlocks that prompted a shearing.


This is Brad Swift, the owner of Portland Bee Balm, checking on his hives. Click the picture to learn more about his company.

Dan, Kasey and Mr. Victor being really cool at Band.

Twin babies in matching outfits on swings.

We made this hat.

Neil, on his birthday, attempting to take a photo of downtown Portland from Hurst Castle in the pouring rain.

Danny attempting to feed Tommy part of his chimichanga.

We were walking through NW Portland when an impromptu storm forced us to seek shelter under a restaurant awning. This lovely individual was also seeking shelter, so I asker her if I could take a photo for solidarity's sake.



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