Spent some time this past month in the Emerald City with my good friend Jennie.
She’s moving to Chicago instead, but here’s some shots.

JD_Seattle15-1 JD_Seattle15-2 JD_Seattle15-3 JD_Seattle15-4 JD_Seattle15-5 JD_Seattle15-6 JD_Seattle15-7 JD_Seattle15-8 JD_Seattle15-9 JD_Seattle15-10 JD_Seattle15-11 JD_Seattle15-12 JD_Seattle15-13 JD_Seattle15-14 JD_Seattle15-15 JD_Seattle15-16 JD_Seattle15-17 JD_Seattle15-18 JD_Seattle15-19 JD_Seattle15-20 JD_Seattle15-21 JD_Seattle15-22 JD_Seattle15-23 JD_Seattle15-24 JD_Seattle15-25 JD_Seattle15-26 JD_Seattle15-27

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