Shop Lyfe is an ongoing photoblog series of happenings around ADX Portland.
Here are some shots from the first half of February, just in time for Friday the 13th.

ADX_SLWk3-2 ADX_SLWk3-3 ADX_SLWk3-4 ADX_SLWk3-5 ADX_SLWk3-6 ADX_SLWk3-7 ADX_SLWk3-8 ADX_SLWk3-9 ADX_SLWk3-10 ADX_SLWk3-11 ADX_SLWk3-12 ADX_SLWk3-13 ADX_SLWk3-14 ADX_SLWk3-15 ADX_SLWk3-16 ADX_SLWk3-17 ADX_SLWk3-18 ADX_SLWk3-19 ADX_SLWk3-20 ADX_SLWk3-21 ADX_SLWk3-22 ADX_SLWk3-23 ADX_SLWk3-24

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