My friend Nicole turned 27 this month. She’s the very first friend that I made when I moved to Portland, and after 6 years and through thick and thin, I’ve gotta say that I love her very much. We had a great time celebrating her day across multiple days, and here’s some shots:

NM_BDay_1 NM_BDay_2 NM_BDay_3 NM_BDay_4 NM_BDay_5 NM_BDay_6 NM_BDay_7 NM_BDay_8 NM_BDay_9 NM_BDay_10 NM_BDay_11 NM_BDay_12 NM_BDay_13 NM_BDay_14 NM_BDay_15 NM_BDay_16 NM_BDay_17 NM_BDay_18 NM_BDay_19 NM_BDay_20 NM_BDay_21 NM_BDay_22 NM_BDay_23 NM_BDay_24 NM_BDay_25 NM_BDay_26 NM_BDay_27 NM_BDay_28 NM_BDay_29 NM_BDay_30 NM_BDay_31 NM_BDay_32 NM_BDay_33 NM_BDay_34 NM_BDay_35 NM_BDay_36


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