A few weeks back, myself and a few pals trekked up to Seattle for a weekend of hardcore at Rain Fest 2014. Rain Fest has always been on of my favorite annual events, and one of my favorite hardcore fests. It has managed to stick around through trends that have come and gone, and to me, it still feels like a celebration of the simple D.I.Y. mentality that makes hardcore punk mean so much to me.
Hardcore has always had its share of live photographers (my personal favorites from RF 2014 are here, at Future Breed), so I figured I would let those guys handle the shots of performances and just focus on the festival itself. So here’s a collection of shots that represent our Seattle weekend; for the kids, by the kids, and about the fucking kids.

JD_RainFest-1a JD_RainFest-2 JD_RainFest-3 JD_RainFest-4 JD_RainFest-5 JD_RainFest-6 JD_RainFest-7 JD_RainFest-8 JD_RainFest-9 JD_RainFest-10 JD_RainFest-11 JD_RainFest-12 JD_RainFest-13 JD_RainFest-14 JD_RainFest-15 JD_RainFest-16 JD_RainFest-17 JD_RainFest-18 JD_RainFest-19 JD_RainFest-20 JD_RainFest-21 JD_RainFest-22 JD_RainFest-23 JD_RainFest-24 JD_RainFest-25 JD_RainFest-26 JD_RainFest-27 JD_RainFest-28 JD_RainFest-29 JD_RainFest-30 JD_RainFest-31 JD_RainFest-32 JD_RainFest-33 JD_RainFest-34 JD_RainFest-35 JD_RainFest-36 JD_RainFest-37 JD_RainFest-38 JD_RainFest-39 JD_RainFest-40 JD_RainFest-41 JD_RainFest-42

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