This week I had the chance to head down to TBD Fest to see all the stuff I designed with Band for their brand identity while the fest took place. Check out more info in our portfolio, here.

I even got to design a poster for Danny Brown, one of my favorite current rappers.
Scroll down to check it out!

TBD_Portfolio_Event2 TBD_Portfolio_Event3 TBD_Portfolio_Event4 TBD_Portfolio_Event5 TBD_Portfolio_Event6 TBD_Portfolio_Event7 TBD_Portfolio_Event8 TBD_Portfolio_Event9 TBD_Portfolio_Event10 TBD_Portfolio_Event11 TBD_Portfolio_Event12 TBD_Portfolio_Event13 TBD_Portfolio_Event14 TBD_Portfolio_Event15 TBD_Portfolio_Event16 TBD_Portfolio_Event17

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